G2: 2010 Conference



Thomas Olesen Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences 

Ken Henriksen Assistent Professor, Inst. of Language, Literature and Culture, Faculty of Humanities

Sten Schaumburg-Müller Associate Professor, Department of Jurisprudence, School of Law

Anne Line Dalsgaard Associate Professor, Inst. of Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities

Per Bendix Jeppesen Associate Professor, Department of Endocrinology, Faculty of Health Sciences

Karen-Margrethe Simonsen Associate Professor, Depart. of Comparative Literature, Inst. of Aesthetic Studies, Faculty of Humanities

Research Themes
Citizenship, States and Social Movements in Latin America

Modernization Processes and Conceptualizations of Latin American Identity

[more coming soon]