Latin American Center, University of Aarhus

LACUA engages in cross-disciplinary research activities related to social, cultural, economical, political and environmental challenges in contemporary Latin America and formulated around five research themes.The centres activities include five transdisciplinary reserarch groups, a joint knowledge sharing forum, the organization of a series of international conferences and educational and training activities.


LACUA recommends:

NOLAN, the Nordic Latin American Research Network, is pleased to announce its 5th conference, to be held at the University of Copenhagen in 2010, 10-12 November. The conference is hosted by the Danish Network for Research on Latin America, LA-net. We invite scholars from the Nordic countries and the rest of the world from a broad range of disciplines and theoretical perspectives to discuss themes such as:

  • New forms of democracy and political cultures.
  • The Political Ecology of extractivism: Social conflicts over access and control with natural resources in Latin America.
  • National and local responses to climate policies and regulatory instruments.
  • Civil society organisations, new and old social movements.
  • Local responses to global challenges.
  • Changing visions of collective identities.
  • New narratives of the nation and other identity forms.
  • Representation of changing realities in literature, film, popular culture etc.
  • Migration and the emergence of new communities in LA and USA


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