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Latin America is Moving Conference

Latin America is Moving Conference and Seminar Series will explore Latin American social movements before and after the pandemic, the contradictions they encounter and the worlds they prefigure. We will engage the audience to think about the difficult questions raised by research on one hand and activists and collectives’ demands on the other. We also seek to explore the implications of Latin American activism to the politics of usual and academic engagement in Europe. The seminars will have breakout rooms where participants can discuss the presenters’ questions to the audience.

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Thursday 18 February 2021,  at 17:00 - 19:30


Online, Zoom


Latin America is Moving

18.02.2021 (5 pm) Extractive Industries and Performance Activism

04.03.2021 (5 pm) Social Movements and Exile

18.03.2021 (5 pm) Human Rights


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Exploring the many-worlds constructed by Latin American activists at the time of heightened dispossession, the young collective has setup the biweekly sessions to engage interactively in discussions bridging academia and activism. While the Covid-19 pandemic has increased precarity in the continent, social movements have been strengthened by reaching out through new platforms like TikTok. Old and young generations are shedding light into the inconsistencies of the colonial narratives of progress, opening new spaces for citizen participation.


The first seminar on 18th of February (5 pm UK) will explore activism against Extractive Industries and Performance Activism. Our guests will be speaking about Latin American social movements and the pandemic, narratives of opposition to extractive industries, and the relationship between politics and performance in feminist activism and Hip Hop.


Please contact the Latin America is Moving Collective for more information