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Lunch lecture by Chiara Bresciani PhD Candidate Department of Culture and Society Section for Anthropology and Ethnography, Aarhus University

Megaprojects, global capital and social conflicts: an ethnographic approach to the study of modernity and change in indigenous Mexico

2019.05.29 | Marie Pedersen

Date Wed 12 Jun
Time 12:00 14:00
Location Nobelparken 1484-200, Aarhus Universitet

In the last few years, the multiethnic area of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (Oaxaca, Mexico) has hit global headlines for widespread mobilizations against the implementation of what would become the biggest wind park in Latin America. Informed by long-term ethnographic fieldwork, my research focuses on the social and cultural consequences of these events, as experienced in one of the indigenous (Huave) villages involved. I will show how alternative and competing visions of history and identity have emerged from the political divisions, and how they both draw on cultural heritage to produce concepts to make sense and deal with contemporary national and global scenarios. Special attention will be paid to the use of moral language to conceptualize processes of historical change.

Lecture/talk, Arts, Events, Site Specific