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Lunch meeting - Karime Aragón, Ph.D.

CONTENEDOR-ES DE ARTE Introduction to a Mexican Indigenous – cross cultural art project

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Monday 15 April 2019,  at 12:00 - 13:30


Nobelparken 1484-200, Aarhus Universitet


Latin American Centre (LACUA), Aarhus Universitet

Oaxaca is a South-Eastern Mexican State with the biggest ethno-linguistic diversity in the country. The diversity is represented in a wide and rich artistic tradition such as the handcrafts, which include wooden carving, waist loom weaving, rug, pottery, cutlery, among others.

This aspect from Mexican folk culture motivated the idea-project: Contenedor-es de Arte, or “Art Container” in English. The project includes Tribus Mixes, a Cooperative of Indigenous carves (the traditional carved-painting wood sculptures called alebrijes) from Ayutla Mixes, Sierra Norte of Oaxaca.

Contenedor-es de Arte is a wandering exhibition of huge wooden sculptures that can be put together in different ways thereby creating an ever-changing art installation. Being born (assembled) in the morning that are dying (packed down) in the evening just to be reborn next morning in a new and alternative creation.

Seven containers with each their traditional fable animal relating to the artisans’ ethnolinguistic background, and the last container to hold an interactive workshop and information office. An exhibition that comes with its own containers, that will become an integrated part of the art work, and so it can be shipped to culture festivals in any corner of the world, where urban/local artists would also interact in the exhibition, i.e. graphite.

This big revolving art installation seeks to recognize, strength and promote Mexican folk culture, and to give a new picture of Oaxaca by presenting the artistic rich diversity of the state.