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Amaranth: Future-Food

Amaranth: Future-Food

Adding Value to Holy Grain: Providing the Key Tools for the Exploitation of Amaranth - the Protein-rich Grain of the Aztecs

Project summary

Amaranth: Future-Food is a 40 months project involving a total of 11 participants distributed between three European countries (Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain) and three Latin American countries (Mexico, Argentina, Nicaragua). The immediate objective of this project is to provide the tools for an extensive and sustainable exploitation of amaranth. The project will contribute to the overall development objective of providing health-promoting food and exploiting the industrial use of amaranth and thus provide a source for income in regions of the world, where the warm and dry climate makes the cultivation of amaranth the obvious choice. 

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Inge S. Fomsgaard Senior Researcher, Depart. of Integrated Pest Management, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences